Bright Tips 1985

Unpleasant Smell

To prevent an unpleasant smell while cooking cauliflower, cover with slices of bread. The bread can then be given to the birds when cold. Mrs I McIntosh, Ellon.

Quickly Drained

Cook vegetables in a frying pan basket inside your saucepan. They can be quickly drained when ready to serve. Mrs Parker, Kilwinning.

Safe Brooch

If your pretty brooch doesn't have a safety catch, put the pin through a plastic ear-ring keeper and then fasten. This won't slip open. Mrs C. Inkster, Shetland.

Add Macaroni

To make tuna go further, add cooked macaroni, very nice. Miss Clarke, Aboyne.


Want to know the perfect way to open a coconut? Puncture the ends, drain out the milk. Bake the nut on a tray in a moderate oven for about an hour until the shell starts to crack. When cool, lever open along the cracks. Mrs Cromer, Aberdeen.

Rough Elbows

Hollowed lemon halves soften and whiten rough elbows. Pop your elbows on a table in the halves for 15 minutes. Mrs Wark, Brechin.

Add Salt

When boiling eggs add salt to the water, if the shells crack this prevents the inside from oozing out. - Mr Duff, Ellon.

Scuffed Shoes

Rub scuffed leather shoes with raw potato before polishing. - Mrs Bremner, Buckie.


Tarnished silver should be soaked in pint water with a teaspoonful salt and a teaspoonful baking soda added. When it looks clean, wash well in soapy water and rub dry. Mrs Parker, Ayrshire.

Lemon Fresh

Leaving your home for a few days? Cut a lemon in half and put it in the kitchen. The house will smell lovely and fresh on your return. Mrs Adams, Insch.

Comfy Pad

Fill a thick polythene bag with old nylons, seal the end with tape and you have a waterproof kneeling pad. Mrs M. MacPherson, Keith, Banffshire.

Try Chalk

Rub greasy lines on shirt necks or cuffs with chalk. Leave overnight, then launder. Chalk absorbs the oil and allows dirt to come out. Mrs A. Paterson, Aberdeen.


Put a pinch of salt into icing sugar. This will keep it smooth when it sets. Chocolate icing will not turn dull if a tiny piece of butter is included in the mix. Mrs Macleod, Mallaig.

Add vinegar

Add a few drops of vinegar when you boil white fish. This improves the texture and keeps the fish a good colour. Mrs Millar, Perth.

Shiny Brass

Keep brasses shining by pouring vinegar on a duster, rubbing well and polishing with a dry cloth. Once a week does the trick and no dirty hands. Mrs Parker, Kilwinning.

New Socks?

Are children's white socks dingy? Give them a new look. Pop them into a pan of water with two teabags and a little vinegar. Bring to the boil, simmer for a while, rinse in cold water. The socks become a lovely cream colour. Mrs Millar, Perth.

Fruit Salad

Run cold water over sliced bananas. They'll keep their colour in the fruit salad, even to the next day. Mrs E. Stewart, Glasgow.

Warm Them Up

Brass and copper articles can be cleaned more quickly and easily if they are warm. Place before a heater - at a safe distance for a few moments. Bowls and jugs can be filled with warm water til they hare heated through. Mrs I. McIntosh, Ellon.

Shiny Again

During really wet weather, even stainless steel cutlery appears dim. Lightly wipe over with a cotton cloth, dipped in a little plain white flour and see how they shine. Mrs Mitchell, Tain.

Late Roses

A small spoonful of sugar added to a vase of roses helps to feed them and makes them last longer. Mrs Parker, Ayrshire.

Scruffy Shoes?

A little egg white rubbed on the toes of leather shoes, conceals scratches, leave to dry and polish well. Mrs Robertson, Lerwick.