Bright Tips 1986

Hanger for Belts

If you have no drawer space for your belts, screw a line of hooks on to a wooden coat hanger and hang belt buckles over them. You then have a see-at-a-glance selection to hang in your wardrobe. Miss Cooper, Rutherglen. Read more......

Bright Tips 1985

Unpleasant Smell

To prevent an unpleasant smell while cooking cauliflower, cover with slices of bread. The bread can then be given to the birds when cold. Mrs I McIntosh, Ellon. Read more......

Bright Tips

Hints and tips

Bright Tips - 1984 Hot Feet - Feet hot and tired? Dissolve a teaspoonful alum in a cupful of hot water. Wash and dry feet then sponge with alum water and allow to dry in, this gives great relief. - Mrs Murray. Save Fuel - Put butter beans in a vacuum flask of boiling water and leave overnight. Read more......

Bright Tips 1983

Shining Jewellery

Blackboard chalk, kept in your trinket box, will help to prevent tarnish on jewellery. Mrs Harold, Caithness. Read more......

Baked Potato Tip 1982

Soak potatoes in cold salted water for 15 minutes and they will bake in half the usual time. Mrs E. Hawthorne. Read more......

Economy Tip 1982

A tin of salmon will go further if you mix in a packet of crushed plain crisps.

Frozen Tights - 1982

If you keep tights in the fridge it will strengthen the fibres and help prevent ladders in them. Mrs G. Harrold, Caithness.

Bright Tips 1982


Cut a banana into slices. Melt a bar of chocolate, coat the slices, then roll them in coconut. Children love these. - Miss Mabel Mustard, Cullen. Read more......

Quick Sauce 1982

If a white sauces is needed quickly, warm a small carton of natural yoghurt in a pan over a low heat. Beat in two egg yolks and cook, stirring all the time for three minutes. Season to taste just before serving. This is ideal for freshly cooked vegetables. Read more......

Oats Go Further 1981

I stir in two tablespoons of porridge oats into my mince. This thickens it and makes it go further. Mrs Catherine Inkster, Kalliness Weisdale, Shetland. Read more......

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