Hints And Tips

When in Doubt 1930

The best way to clean tin, iron, or enamel pots or pans in which food has burned is to fill with cold water, add a tablespoonful or two of washing soda, heat slowly, and allow to boil for 5 or 10 minutes. The burned-on food can then easily be removed.

Stained Fingers 1930

Nicotine-browned finger-tips are very unattractive. Plunge them into half a cut lemon for 2 to 3 minutes and the stains will soon vanish, leaving the skin beautifully white. Or you can use a little peroxide of hydrogen if you prefer. Read more......

Tips for New Spuds 1950

Before scraping new potatoes, soak them for half an hour in cold water which has been salted. Not only do the skins peel off easily but the hands are not stained.

Try It! 1955

If the slide fastener in a purse sticks, take a lead pencil and rub it up and down on the fastener a number of times, then the purse opens.

Cracked Eggs 1980

If egg shells are cracked and you want to boil them, use an oven bag to hold them in the water. Fasten the bag and cook the usual way. Read more......

Add Lemon 1980

Add a few drops of lemon juice when you boil a cauliflower. This takes away the smell and keeps the vegetable white. Read more......

Add Celery 1980

To remove the odour of cooking cabbage, boil a stalk or two of celery with it. This also gives a delicious flavour.

Hard Shoe Polish? 1980

When shoe polish is hard and lumpy, pour in a little vinegar and leave to soak for about an hour.

How to Massage a Wrinkle

When you are massaging a wrinkle always imagine that your skin is a bit of tissue paper and you are rubbing the crease out of it. Go across them with fingertips carefully but lightly and try to rub them out. If you rub in a great deal of cream the wrinkle will begin to disappear. Read more......

How To Keep Butter Cool

A good method of keeping butter cool where ice is not obtainable is to place it in a dish inside an old, clean flowerpot. The pot should stand in a basin of water and clean damp thrown over it. The ends of the cloth resting in the water keeps it always full of moisture and the butter will be found as firm as if it were presented on ice. Read more......