Hints And Tips

Bright Bulb 1978

To clean electric bulbs, use methylated spirits instead of water. There is then no danger of dampness getting onto the fixtures, as the spirits evaporate quickly. Read more......

Folding Sheets 1978

Fitted sheets can be a problem to fold. But its easy if you place the sheet on a table, fold in three lengthwise and then just roll it up.

Concerning Shoes 1929

A good method of restoring discoloured brown shoes is to paint them with iodine. Let them dry after the painting process, and then polish in the usual way. To blacken brown shoes rub them all over with a raw potato, then blacken with ordinary shoe polish.

White Hands 1929

If much dish-washing is your lot, smear a little cold cream on your hands before putting them into the water, afterwards washing them thoroughly and rubbing them with fine oatmeal which you will find is a wonderful whitener. A little trouble in this direction is well worth the taking, for nothing spoils the appearance so much as roughened, neglected-looking hands. Read more......

How to Banish Crow's Feet 1929

How to get rid of wrinkles is a problem many of us are faced with. Try this paste recommended by Mrs McCarthy, which she says is excellent for the purpose. Use the white of an egg, double its quantity of rosewater, and a quarter of a teaspoon of alum. Beat the white of egg, then add the other ingredients and keep the paste in a tightly corked jar. Massage lightly round the eyes each night before retiring, until the tiny lines have disappeared. Read more......

Cooking That Joint 1954

Think twice before you cook that joint, many women may not know that they are losing half the flavour and tenderness of the weekend joint by cooking it too soon, particularly if they are Saturday shoppers. Read more......

Vinegar Helps 1979

Add a few drops of vinegar to the water when boiling sprouts, cabbage or cauliflower. This reduces the smell considerably. Mrs E. Meikle-John Read more......

Cleaner Bucket 1979

Before putting emulsion or paste in a bucket, line it with a plastic carrier bag. This saves the work of cleaning the bucket later. You can throw out the bag.

Bright Brass 1979

Never scrub lacquered or varnished brass. Apply a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Leave on for five minutes. Wash with warm water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Tea Stains 1905

The stains of tea are very stubborn and not at all ready to give way to simple applications. A weak solution of chloride of lime is an effectual remedy but it often removes the colour of the material as well as the stain. Stir half a teaspoon of chloride of lime into a pint of hot water, when cold and the sediment has settled at the bottom, pour off the clear liquid and dip the stain into it once or twice, not letting it lie. Rinse in clear water. Read more......