Hints And Tips

Bright Tips

Hole in the Linoleum

To repair a hole in the linoleum, melt a matching was crayon or coloured candle over the hole until the hole is filled. Allow to harden. The floor can then be polished. The hole will be almost unnoticeable, and the repair last for years. G.Innes, Portknockie. Read more......

Bright Tips 1984

Fresh Flask - When a vacuum flask becomes stained inside, add a teaspoonful bicarbonate of soda and fill up with boiling water. Leave overnight, then rinse well for a bright finish. Mrs H. Parker.

Cookery - If a recipe says, "rub in fat," use a grater on the fat first. It mixes much more easily. Miss Kennedy.

Bright Tips 1984

Hot Feet - Feet hot and tired?
Dissolve a teaspoonful alum in a cupful of hot water. Wash and dry feet then sponge with alum water and allow to dry in, this gives great relief. - Mrs Murray.

Save Fuel - Put butter beans in a vacuum flask of boiling water and leave overnight. Next day they are almost cooked and just need heating up. - Mrs Parker. Read more......

To Keep Parsley Fresh

Mrs Mc., Aberdeen - Instead of keeping parsley in water, which makes it turn yellow, put it in an air-tight jar in a cool place. This will keep it fresh for some time. To restore the colour to parsley that has dropped, place it in a basin with a small piece of cooking soda pour boiling water over it, and instantly the parsley will look as though just picked.

Bright Tips - 1962

Clean Tiles – Tiles, after washing, will keep clean much longer if wiped with paraffin. Mrs Slater, Portknockie.

Moist Brown Sugar – Keep brown sugar soft and moist by lining your container with foil. Allow enough foil to crimp together at the top. Miss Martin, Cupar.

Strip it Easily – When stripping wallpaper soak it quickly by using a long-handled sponge mop. The sponge holds water much better than a brush. N.N, Dunfermline. Read more......

"A Coal Tip" 1910

The increased price of coal must be looked at with some alarm to the working man’s honest wife. But necessity always proves to be the mother of invention. This is a tip that will make a hundredweight of coal last much longer than the ordinary way. Waste paper, old newspapers and brown paper should be collected and moderately steeped in water, wrung out and make into balls of suitable size, and put on the back of the fire. This will be found to spell economy to the hard-pressed housewife.

Coronation Flags 1937

Coronation Flags – Perhaps some of your readers would like to know of a use for their Coronation flags. I have covered cushions with mine and use them for the garden chairs.  They give quite a gay appearance to the lawn, and are much admired. – “Constant Reader, Dundee”.

Bright Tips 1963

Remove Marks – If coat collars or felt hats become marked with grease, rub them with eucalyptus oil. M Murray, Lockerbie.

Soft Rubber – When filling a hot water bottle for the first time, add a teaspoonful of glycerine to the water. The rubber will then remain soft. Mrs Milne, Aberdour.

Dripping Tap – A piece of string tied around a dripping tap will allow the water to run down it quietly into the sink. Mrs Coyle, Mauchline. Read more......

Tablecloths Tips

When you Wash Linen Tablecloths

“This is a very good washing day hint which I have tried and tested, writes Miss J. Smith, Monikie W.R.I.

A spoonful of methylated spirits added to the last rinsing water when washing linen tablecloths and tray cloths will stiffen the articles beautifully. They will also be much easier to iron and have a beautiful gloss when finished.Tablecloths

Bright Tips August 1917

Burnt Saucepans - Pans and saucepans that have been burnt should never
be filled with soda and water, as this, although it removes the burnt portions,
also makes the saucepan liable to burn again. Instead of soda and water, fill
it with salt and water, and leave it till next day, when it should be placed on
the fire till the water slowly boils. The burnt particles will come off without
any difficulties and there will be no after effects.