Bright Tips 1960

Easy Cleaned Pot

To make the scrambled egg pan easier to clean, grease it beforehand with a margarine paper. After use, fill it with cold water to which has been added a dessertspoonful of salt and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before cleaning. Mrs M.B., Dundee.

Milk Won't Boil Over

Grease the upper inside edge of a pan well with butter and milk or anything of the kind will not boil over. Mrs Waugh, Lockerbie.

Coal Will Do the Trick

If you have a pot plant "Wandering Sailor" which has green leaves place a small piece of coal in the centre of the pot and the leaves will gradually turn blue. This takes about a fortnight. Mrs N. C. Craik, Huntly.

No Fraying

Warm the scissors slightly before cutting nylon material. This seals the edges and will stop them fraying. Mrs J. Scott, Aberdeen.

Prevent Pipes Freezing

During frosty weather, put a night-light in a saucer with a little water. Cover with an earthenware flowerpot, which will spread the heat. In the toilet or bathroom this prevents pipes freezing. Mrs Connelly, Dundee.

Did you know that......

  • A dash of granulated sugar added to soups and stews, gravies and pot roasts improves not only the flavour but the colour too.
  • That a sprinkle of sugar in the fat used to baste poultry turns it's a lovely golden brown.
  • That to get golden brown crust on bread and rolls, they should be brushed just before baking with a mixture of milk and sugar - quarter cupful of milk to one tablespoon of sugar.