Hints And Tips

The Right Way To Mash Potatoes

Peel and boil the potatoes. Now allow for every 1lb of potatoes a wine glassful of absolutely boiling milk, and a bit of butter about the size of a medium walnut. When the potatoes are quite dry, add the boiling milk, butter and salt and pepper to taste and beat up with a fork until white and light. Send to the table at once. No one who has not tried it can realise the difference the hot milk makes. Read more......

Soiled Suede Gloves 1931

A pair of soiled suede gloves can be improved by heating some quite dry flour and rubbing it well into them while on the hands, with a piece of clean flannel. Grease marks will disappear under a treatment of benzine and gentle rubbing with fine sand paper.

Stains On Socks - 1956

Hints and tips

Stains On Socks - 1956 A reader wanted to know how to remove stains from children's socks. My method is to wet the sock and apply baking soda generously to the stain, rub well and wash as usual. Mrs B.M. Davidson, Hurley Aboyne.

Fat-free Roast 1981

To remove fat from hot roast juices, add a few ice cubes. The fat quickly forms to the ice and is easily lifted off. Read more......

Oats Go Further 1981

I stir in two tablespoons of porridge oats into my mince. This thickens it and makes it go further. Mrs Catherine Inkster, Kalliness Weisdale, Shetland. Read more......

How To Freshen Stale Bread and Buns 1932

We cannot afford to waste food these days, so when you come on stale buns or bread in the cupboard here is a way of making them as good as new. Brush the buns with milk and heat in the oven. Dip a loaf of stale bread in water and place on a baking tray and warm in the oven. This should be done just before serving. Read more......

Uses for Vinegar 1957

A little vinegar added to the water used for washing floors softens the water and prevents a scum forming. This makes easy cleaning and the floors are easier to polish. A little vinegar used in the water for cleaning windows will make the dirt come off more easily and help to keep the flies away. Mrs L. Davie, Melville, Insch, Aberdeenshire.

Get Rid of the Dandelions 1957

For clearing the lawns of dandelions plantains and other weeds use a potato peeler, the apple corer type. One scoop and they come out root and all. Miss H. MacGregor, Sutherland Cottage, Keir Street, Dunblane.

Quick Sauce 1982

If a white sauces is needed quickly, warm a small carton of natural yoghurt in a pan over a low heat. Beat in two egg yolks and cook, stirring all the time for three minutes. Season to taste just before serving. This is ideal for freshly cooked vegetables. Read more......

Bright Tips 1982


Cut a banana into slices. Melt a bar of chocolate, coat the slices, then roll them in coconut. Children love these. - Miss Mabel Mustard, Cullen. Read more......