Local words and expressions
(Many relegated tae th' past)
Survive in conversation
It's to be prayed they're here tae last

Unintelligible - perhaps!
Tae th' young'r generation
Below - a chosen few
Listed with discretion

Jump aff the kribbie
Dance in a dub
Fa' doon a kundie
There's a rammie in th' pub

Tea at th' bunker
Watch oot- ye're slaiver'n
Doon on ye're hunkers
Cut th' comedy - ye're haiver'n

A shottie o' a book
Plooterin' squeezin' a persistent plook

Eh'll skelp yer doll
Tak' that choonie oot  *chewing gum
Get up aff ye're dowp
Anither toot an' ye're oot

Eavesdrappin''- 'Muggie's gettin' affay stoot
An' Bella's stoot again
The 'Irish Teethache' wis aye aboot **pregnancy
As weel we kent - ye ken!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald