Bright Tips - 1962

Clean Tiles – Tiles, after washing, will keep clean much longer if wiped with paraffin. Mrs Slater, Portknockie.

Moist Brown Sugar – Keep brown sugar soft and moist by lining your container with foil. Allow enough foil to crimp together at the top. Miss Martin, Cupar.

Strip it Easily – When stripping wallpaper soak it quickly by using a long-handled sponge mop. The sponge holds water much better than a brush. N.N, Dunfermline.

Tarnish Remover – a piece of raw potato dipped in baking soda will remover tarnish from silverware. Mrs Lizzie Thompson, Shetland.

Clothes Line – Before putting up a plastic clothes line, tie two or three loose knots at intervals. With garments to be dried on hangers, slip the hanger hook through one of the knots and it will not side along the line. L. Gibb, Forfar.

Painting a Chair – It’s easier to turn a chair upside down and paint the legs first. Then turn it the right way up and do the rest. Miss R. Firentini, Lochee.

Ladder Check – Fill an empty lipstick holder with soap. Carry this in your handbag and you will always be able to check a ladder in your stockings. Mrs Jamieson, Moffat.

Kneeling Pad - An old rubber hot-water bottle makes an excellent kneeling pad for weeding. Mrs Anderson, Buckie.

Mint Fragrant - A sprig of mint in a jar of water placed in each room will keep your house fresh and fragrant while it is shut up during your holiday. Mrs Stewart, Dunfermline.

Fresh Clothes - When packing slip an unwrapped bar of soap in your luggage to keep clothes fresh. Mrs Hawthorne, Essex.

Leather Tip – To make leather shoes last twice as long, put a thin coating of castor oil over them. They will polish up like new in a day or two. Mrs Tocher, Fraserburgh.

Lipstick Remover – Lipstick stains may be removed from washable fabrics by working glycerine in to loosen the stain, them washing in the usual way. Do not apply soap until the stains are loosened. Mrs I. Smith, Arbuthnott.

Minty Coffee – Instead of sugar, use peppermint cream to sweeten your coffee, It gives a delightful minty flavour. Mrs B.M. Walker, Fife.

Paperhanging Hint – Apply wallpaper paste to the wall instead of to the wallpaper. It is much easier to match the pattern and paper is less likely to tear. G. Innes, Portknockie.

No Skin – Keep pouring custard hot in a vacuum and no skin forms on the top.
Mrs Connelly, Peddie Street.

Extra Table – An ironing board makes a handy extra table when you are giving a party. Cover it with an attractive cloth. Mrs Penman, Dunfermline.

Cloudy Glass – When cut-glass ware is cloudy and ordinary washing does not remover the film, fill the glass with wet potato peelings and let it stand for 24 hours. When washed it will then sparkle like new. Mrs Hawthorne, Romford.

Fuel Saver – When baking, place a bowl of cold water in the oven. The water will be hot for washing up – a time and fuel saver. Mrs Harper, Old Meldrum.

Rubber Gloves – Fix small strips of adhesive plaster inside the tips of rubber gloves. These prevent finger nails making holes. Miss H. Brockie, Eyemouth.