How to Banish Crow's Feet 1929

How to get rid of wrinkles is a problem many of us are faced with. Try this paste recommended by Mrs McCarthy, which she says is excellent for the purpose. Use the white of an egg, double its quantity of rosewater, and a quarter of a teaspoon of alum. Beat the white of egg, then add the other ingredients and keep the paste in a tightly corked jar. Massage lightly round the eyes each night before retiring, until the tiny lines have disappeared. Read more......

White Hands 1929

If much dish-washing is your lot, smear a little cold cream on your hands before putting them into the water, afterwards washing them thoroughly and rubbing them with fine oatmeal which you will find is a wonderful whitener. A little trouble in this direction is well worth the taking, for nothing spoils the appearance so much as roughened, neglected-looking hands. Read more......

Concerning Shoes 1929

A good method of restoring discoloured brown shoes is to paint them with iodine. Let them dry after the painting process, and then polish in the usual way. To blacken brown shoes rub them all over with a raw potato, then blacken with ordinary shoe polish.

Washing Hairbrushes 1928

Hairbrushes should be washed frequently, and the correct way to do this, so that the backs of the brushes are not damaged, is to fill a basin with cold water and add a little baking soda or ammonia. Tip the basin sufficiently to allow the brush to be swished up and down in the water without wetting the back. Rinse in clear water, shake vigourously, and stand on its side on the sill of an open window to dry. Never wash in hot water or allow to lie on the back when drying. Read more......

Lemons for Beauty 1928

  • Equal parts of lemon juice and glycerine will soften and whiten rough hands.
  • Plain lemon juice cures warts, cleans the nails and removes stains.
  • The juice of half a lemon in the rinsing water but one, brightens the hair and checks dandruff.
  • A tablespoon of lemon juice strained into a pint of rosewater is a cheap sunburn lotion.
  • Unsweetened lemon juice drunk in hot water before breakfast often cures a bilious headache.
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How to Darken Grey Hair 1928

Mrs M.D. Gillespie, a well known beauty specialist, recently gave out the following statement regarding grey hair:- Anyone can prepare a simple mixture at home that will darken grey hair, and make it soft and glossy. To a half pint of water add 1 oz of Bay Rum, a small box of Orlex Compound and ΒΌ oz glycerine. These ingredients can be purchased at any chemist at very little cost. Read more......

Your Rubber Gloves 1928

The life of a pair of rubber gloves can be greatly prolonged by proper care. Wash and rinse thoroughly after each using, dry by patting with a soft towel while on the hands, and dust with talcum powder to remove the last traces of moisture. Then turn wrong side out, and again dust with talcum to absorb all traces of moisture due to contact with the hands. Any tears or cuts should be mended immediately with patches of adhesive tape applied to the under-side. Read more......

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