Commercial Street

Work and Play

I was born in Dundee in 1954 at Maryfield Hospital.I attended Mitchell Street primary school which was situated on the Lochee Road. I then went onto Logie Secondary on the Blackness Road. On leaving in 1969 my first job was in Hamilton Carharts the factory that made denim clothing at that time. They were located at the docks. Read more......

Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)

Grandma's House

My first childhood memories, were being brought up in my Grandma's house in Commercial Street. We lived with her for about 3 years until my parents got their own house. Dad had his fruit shop at the top of the Hilltown and what sweet memories I have of helping him in there. I wonder if anyone out there remembers his shop? I remember Largs, then Lowdens newsagent, Andrew G. Kydd, then my dad, Lyon Brothers the jewellers, then Sutherlands ... such memories. Read more......

Submitted by Forfarlass
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