Fond Memories

I was born in Glentrium Terrace in 1949, but although I don't remember it, mum and dad couldn't afford the house, so we moved in with grandma and grandad. They had a huge house in Commercial Street and I remember grandma used to take in policemen as lodgers! Dad had the fruit shop at the top of the Hilltown. I wonder if anyone remembers it?

On one side of his shop was Lyon Brothers the jewellers and the other side was Andrew G. Kidds. I loved working in his shop. I remember writing his invoices in a big ledger and then we used to put his money into the Royal Bank which was on the corner across the road.

When mum and dad had some money, we go out first house at 351 Clepington Road. I can still clearly remember there were two rooms at the front, one was the parlour and only used for special occasions. The other was a bedroom which was shared with my sister and brother. Mum and dad had a huge bed in the livingroom. It was tucked into an alcove and that same room was for eating, sitting, cooking ... Did anyone else have a room like that???  I think we all did!

I loved playing the piano and I remember Dr Dhani Saggar who was my uncle, lived in a boarding house in Cobden Street. He got me a piano and I still remember dad and my big brother and the tattie man howffing this huge beast upstairs ... such memories. Clepington Road was such a wonderful place of which I still hold fond memories.  As for the Hilltown, well the top of it and dad's shop will always remain in my heart.

Submitted by Dundeelass