The first time I saw you
You were covered in snow white
I awed at your beauty
Oh what a wonderful sight

I walked along your road
A little girl in your mist
Not knowing what to expect
Like this house was my first

My new house stood high on your hill
Standing proudly
Oh what a thrill
Can it be true that you are mine
A front and back door with window that shine

I`d always lived in two rooms
No bathroom just a sink
To wash myself each morning
Now what was I to think
A real bath to lie in
On my own at last
No-one to share it
Like I`d done in the past

Underfloor heating with tiles all new
Cant walk barefooted too hot for that to do, seems like a mansion
My mum is so thrilled.then reality hits
When in comes all the bills

No Ninewells Hospital there at that time
Only waste land for me to climb
Look over the river Tay into Fife
Thinking to myself that this is the life

That was then and this is now
I can never recapture how
The impressions you made on a little girl
Away back in that time
Then my memory returns once more
From the future to the past
To a place deep inside of me That will always last


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)