Work and Play

I was born in Dundee in 1954 at Maryfield Hospital.I attended Mitchell Street primary school which was situated on the Lochee Road. I then went onto Logie Secondary on the Blackness Road. On leaving in 1969 my first job was in Hamilton Carharts the factory that made denim clothing at that time. They were located at the docks.

I then went to work in a supermarket the name of it was Massey it was in Orleans Place, Menzieshill. It was the first of its kind in our area and took the place of the small corner shop. I thought I would have a change of employment so I went to one of the big department stores in town. G.L. Wilson's was in the middle of Commercial Street. My first position was in the perfume department. I was then promoted to the top floor and into the underwear department selling nighties pyjamas and knickers there were all kinds of styles long legs short legs no legs with lace or without lace. There was no thongs in those days the ladies then would be mortified if you tried to sell them anything so flimsy.

The store closed so I then went into the laundry business and was put on one of the presses specialising in pressing kilts and skirts. After meeting my husband and left to get married and bring up a family. I had four son's and one daughter. They are all grown up now and have children of their own. Now I had time for myself so I joined an amateur dramatic group they were called The Ret-Ham Players I was with them for thirteen years. When that came to an end I joined a creative writting group in the Hub on Pitkerro Road. Through them I heard about the group that I am in now hence that is why you are reading this story.


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)