Three Brass Bas

Three brass bas hung o'er the shop
Some fulk jist cred it the pop
Me, eh jist cred it the pan
Eh hated it, goin seeing that man

Mih mither wid say tae is
Go tae yir uncles in the west port
He wis ahent a coonter wi mesh
Jist like in a fort

Eh often wonnered wut side oh the femily he belanged
Cause he never looked like meh mum or meh dad
He never looked like me or meh sister
Ind eh dinny think he looked like any oh mih brithers

Nuver the less, he iwis ged is money
Ind he wis iwis freendly
He called mih brither sony
Wi nuver got tae spend it though
Sometimes, meh mither ged us money fir the show

He's shops no there any mare
Which is a shame, cause he wis really fair
He helped many a pare soul oot
It wisney hsi fault he couldny git tae the root

He's awa but the problems remain
Nae money, the stories the same
Cash G is waar they go now
Nae Mr Dixson tae ask,
How much now


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)