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Market Life

"They had a market at Murraygate (in 1950's) and we used to get busters, chips and peas. She just stood and fried them. When you finished, she just dipped the plate in and used it for the next person (laugh), never hygiene, was it? (laugh) But everybody loved them!"

Submitted by Jean Mori and Margaret Hepburn

Empress Ballroom

I remember the Empress Ballroom beside the Royal Arch. It was called recory roundabout. I went with my friends and we were still at school as we were aged 14. We paid 1/6 admission and we loved every moment of it.

Submitted by Jon Nicoll


Many happy childhood memories were going over to New Port in Fife. This was a big day out for me and my brothers. We also needed to get on the bus to Broughty Ferry from the stance at Slone Tie. This was also part of our holidays. It seemed miles away to us as we did not have a car.  

When I was young I needed to go to the "berries" to earn some money to go to the pictures. In my teens, I frequently went to the dance halls: The Tonk; Robbies which was up the Hawkhill. These were good time.          

Submitted by Virginia Samson

Ashludie Research Project

Conditions in Dundee at the time when Lorna contracted Tuberculosis

Background to the interview with “Lorna” who was 100 years of age in May 2011. Visit Lorna's Memoirs page to find out more.

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Submitted by Mari Phillips
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