Watson and Philip

Spending a most enjoyable and comfortable evening in Queen's Hotel on Friday 15th November 2013 with former employees of Watson and Philip (Food Importers, Dundee) I only recognised one person there - ME - my reflection in the cloakroom mirror. Years have rolled. After all 1951-1953 were the years I was in the firm's employment. It was my second job after leaving Rockwell High School at the age of fourteen-and-a-half. Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Market Life

"They had a market at Murraygate (in 1950's) and we used to get busters, chips and peas. She just stood and fried them. When you finished, she just dipped the plate in and used it for the next person (laugh), never hygiene, was it? (laugh) But everybody loved them!"

Submitted by Jean Mori and Margaret Hepburn

Penny on a Tram Line

I'd been at the Palais and got the last tram home from the Perth Road to Maryfield depot. The route went along the Murraygate and I remember people putting a penny on the tram line to keep as a momento of this last tram journey to Maryfield. At the Woolies stop I remember a certain gentleman got on from my place of work, a jute mill, I'd always liked him, and although we both went on to marry other people, just recently, after over 50 years we have met up for coffee and a blether.

Submitted by Patricia Perry
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