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Conditions in Dundee at the time when Lorna contracted Tuberculosis

Background to the interview with “Lorna” who was 100 years of age in May 2011. Visit Lorna's Memoirs page to find out more.

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Submitted by Mari Phillips

Helen's Memoirs

Helen was born in Dundee and has lived here all her life.

I was born in Hill Street in 1938 and attended Butterburn School for one year and the Rockwell Junior and Senior until age 15. I worked in the SMT for one year then on to George Stephen's in Castle Street for 40 years until I was made redundant. Read more......

Submitted by Helen

Memories of Saggar Street

The talk given by the City Archivist, Iain Flett at the launch of the Streetwise exhibition was thoroughly enlightening and interesting. Bringing back many memories of times past. One particular street, Saggar Street, held my attention. Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Teeth and the Tram

I was age 7 and had just been to the dentist to have teeth taken out, and had had gas. My father and I got on the tram in the High Street, the tram was crowded and Dad let me sit as I didn't feel too well. We spotted my grandparents at the front of the tram but couldn't get near them. As the tram moved off I felt very sick and told my father who brought out his hanky, but it was too late. I was sick all over my Dad's coat, the tram seat and the floor. The conductor told my Dad he would need to pay, I think it was sixpence to have the tram cleaned and luckily my Granny paid it as my Dad didn't have sixpence. Read more......

Submitted by Alice
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