Dumbiedykes Pudding

Dumbiedykes Pudding

Stews some rhubarb with plenty of water and sugar. Put into your pudding dish a layer of bread, then pour on the hot rhubarb, them another layer of bread, then rhubarb, till the dish is full. Now put an ashet on top and set away for 24 hours in a cool place. This served cold with sugar and cream on a hot summer’s day is delicious. Read more......

Baked Milk Toast

Trim the crust from some slices of bread cut of medium thickness and toast the bread lightly on both sides, and then butter thinly. Lay the slices in a pudding dish in which it is to be served, sprinkling each slice with a little salt, and pour over as much milk as the dish will hold. If there is hurry the milk may be heated before being used, but if not cold milk will answer. Cover the dish, set it in oven and bake it for 20 minutes. Uncover it and brown lightly on top.

Lemonade Syrup - 1912

4lb lumps sugar
2½ citric acid
1 quart water
2 teaspoons essence of lemon

Boil the water and sugar well together and when nearly cold add the citric acid and essence of lemon. One tablespoon of this mixture is enough for a tumbler of water.

Soda Nogg 1910

Break one egg into a small tumbler, add a wine glass of water and a tablespoon of icing sugar; fill up three parts with ice, shake well, strain, add a split bottle of soda water whilst stirring with a spoon, and dust with nutmeg.

Glasgow Scones 1910

1 lb. Flour, 4oz butter, 2oz sultanas, 4oz sugar, 1 teaspoonful soda, 2 teaspoonfuls cream of tartar, ½ teaspoonful salt, about two teacupfuls of milk. Rub butter into flour, add dry ingredients and mix to a soft dough with the milk. Turn onto a floured board and cut into three pieces. Shape each piece into a round scone, do not roll it have it thick. Brush over with milk or egg and bake in a hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes. Read more......

Cheese Omelet 1910

Whisk three eggs well (if yolks and whites are beaten separately the omelet is lighter), add three tablespoons of grated cheese, salt and pepper. Pour into an omelet pan into which 1oz butter has been melted and skimmed. Stir until the omelet begins to set, fold one half over the other crescent wise, allow to brown slightly on both sides, and serve immediately. Read more......

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