Lemonade Syrup - 1912

4lb lumps sugar
2½ citric acid
1 quart water
2 teaspoons essence of lemon

Boil the water and sugar well together and when nearly cold add the citric acid and essence of lemon. One tablespoon of this mixture is enough for a tumbler of water.

Soda Nogg 1910

Break one egg into a small tumbler, add a wine glass of water and a tablespoon of icing sugar; fill up three parts with ice, shake well, strain, add a split bottle of soda water whilst stirring with a spoon, and dust with nutmeg.

Dandelion Beer 1907

Put 3 quarts of yellow dandelion petals in a tub with one gallon of water, previously boiled and left warm. Cover with a flannel and stir daily for three days. Strain and add 3 lb loaf sugar to liquid, the rind of two lemons and ½ oz ginger. Boil for 20 minutes, skim and strain into a tub, add the juice of the lemons and when tepid add a little yeast on a piece of toast. Next day put in a cask and in 6-8 weeks the beer is ready to bottle - F.W, Dundee. Read more......

Treacle Ale 1903

  • 1lb Treacle
  • 2 quarts of boiling water
  • 6 or 8 quarts cold water
  • A teacupful of yeast (for the yeast a pint of brisk stout may be substituted)
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