The J.M Ballroom

The tufty club on a Tuesday night
Was the first time that i went
I thought i was so grown up then
It felt like i was heaven sent

Getting yourself ready was a lot of fun
No car then to the bus you must run
Then i was thirteen years of age
Going to the dancing was all the rage

Walking towards the J.M
The excitment building up
I might get a boyfriend
If i had any luck

You payed your money at the door
Left your coat in the cloakroom
Then after touching up your lipstick
Went into the ballroom

High above was a mirror ball
Fastened so tight that it could`ent fall
It spun around when the lights were faded
Illuminating the corners that were shaded

There was always a good group playing
To the moonie couples were swaying
No alcohol drinks were consumed then
Or out on you neck you they would send

Then i started to go on a saturday night
You had to be careful cause there was always a fight
The bouncers soon put them out
Dont come back here they would shout
The next week they returned without a care
My memories often returns to when i was there


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)