The Logie Washie

Load the tin bath tae the tap
Dinna need instructions or a map
Eve been doon this road afore
Every sunday,e`m fed up tae the core

Git the pram oot load up the bath
Find the scrubbing board
Now that wisnae hard
Pit yir coat on and aff yih go
Cheerio mum, nae pint in feeling low

Push the pram up the brae
Now waar ir yi going yir pals wid say
There`s nae pint in kidding
Cause yi canny bide
Ah that washin yir canna hide

Pie yir money at the door
The wuman says
Hiv you been here afore
Eh jist look it hur an nod
Shis bound tae hae seen is stupid auld Sod

Full the sink up tae the brim
Nae pint in acting mrs prim
Abody in here is in the same boat
Oh eh better git on so aff wi mi coat

Scrub the claes tull there clean
The quicker it`s done it`ll seem
Time fir tae pit thum in the dryers
Now turn the mangle,yir almost feenished
Somebody shouts dinna look sad
Ir yi kiddin
I`m awa tae see mi dad


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)