The Centrals

Saturday morn elight from the bus
Run and try to get in the queue first
You had to stand in a line
Only so many aloud in at a time
Hold your breath antisipations high
Yes, in you go,let out a sigh

Annie taking tickets at the door
No-one does that anymore
No friendly face to say, hello
Now the new baths are down below

Go into the cubicle get changed quick
Nothing to eat first or you`d be sick
Open the door jump into the pool
Saturday`s great there is no school

Get into the trough feel a bit chilly
Folks today would think you silly
In a bath made for two but then
It was the normal thing to do

Get yourself dried
Climb into your clothes
Hunger prangs cant stand it no more
Out to the soup machine
Thats if you were lucky
To have a mum wi plenty oh money

Then back to the bus stop
Your adventures now over
Smilling to yourself
Feeling like you`d been in clover
Sunday tomorrow your chores you must do
Or there would`ent be a repeat
Of what you`d just been through


Submitted by Elizabeth Butler (nee Wallace)