Cheese Omelet 1910

Whisk three eggs well (if yolks and whites are beaten separately the omelet is lighter), add three tablespoons of grated cheese, salt and pepper. Pour into an omelet pan into which 1oz butter has been melted and skimmed. Stir until the omelet begins to set, fold one half over the other crescent wise, allow to brown slightly on both sides, and serve immediately. Read more......

Baked Bean Pie 1960

Take 14oz tin of baked beans, 2 rashers of streaky bacon, 1 tomato and 1 small onion, pinch of dry mustard and grated cheese. Mix the beans thoroughly with the chopped onion and tomato and bacon (cut into pieces). Season and put the mixture in a pie-dish. Sprinkle with the grated cheese and cook until the beans are cooked through and the cheese nicely browned on top. Miss E. Fraser, Dingwall. Read more......

Cheeseburger Loaf 1960

This loaf is excellent served with salad, or it can be curried and surrounded by rice. Mrs Robertson, Creiff. Combine in a large bowl 1lb. mince, ½ a cup of dry breadcrumbs, ¼ cupful milk, 1 well beaten egg, I finely chopped small onion, ¼ cup parsley, ½ teaspoonful salt, ¼ teaspoonful paprika and mix well. Place in a casserole dish and shape into a loaf. Mark into six servings, cutting down almost to the bottom of the loaf with a knife. Tuck one slice of cheese into each cut. Then bake in a moderate oven for about 50 minutes. Read more......

Hot Creamy Sweetcorn Potatoes 1986

450g/ 1lb peeled potatoes, sliced thinly, 300g/ 12oz can of sweetcorn, 140ml/ ¼ pint sour cream, 140ml/ ¼ pint milk, 1 leek sliced, 25g/ 1oz packet pickled onion crisps, Seasoning  Read more......

Bananas on Toast 1911

Peel six bananas (not too ripe), cut them in halves lenghways, sprinkle with a little salt and cayenne or paprika pepper and fry them in butter a pale brown colour. Read more......

Cheese Strata 1961

Very good dish and easily prepared. – Mrs Buchan, Aberdeenshire.

Take 6 slices of day old bread,  ½  teaspoon mustard, ¼ lb. sliced cheese, 1 tablespoon chopped onion, 2 eggs, 1¼ cupfuls of milk, ¾ teaspoonful salt and a dash of pepper.

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Sausage Hot-Pot

Mrs M. Rae, Aberdeenshire recommends this way of serving sausages.
Take 1lb pork sausages
½ lb tomatoes
¼ lb lean ham
2 onions
Salt and pepper
½ teacup water
1 cube meat extract

Skin the sausages and roll them in flour, chop up onion finely, and cut ham into small pieces. Butter a large casserole, place onions in foot of dish, then ham then sausages and tomato. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Mix the meat extract with the water and pour over the ingredients in casserole. Cook in a moderate oven for 45 minutes.

Tasty Hamburgers

My family look forward to dinner when I make the hamburgers. – Mrs W. Woztczak, Iona Street, Dundee.

Take 1lb mince, add 1 grated onion and seasoning, 1 cupful of breadcrumbs. Bind with an egg. Shape into small rounds, cover with fish dressing and fry until golden brown. Then simmer in gravy made from stock or meat cubes for half an hour. This makes about 14 hamburgers.

Tomatoes and Macaroni 1912

Stew ½ lb tomatoes; boil ¼ lb macaroni till soft, stir well together; add 2 oz grated cheddar cheese and a nut of butter. Stir again and sprinkle chopped parsley on top.

Baked Milk Toast

Trim the crust from some slices of bread cut of medium thickness and toast the bread lightly on both sides, and then butter thinly. Lay the slices in a pudding dish in which it is to be served, sprinkling each slice with a little salt, and pour over as much milk as the dish will hold. If there is hurry the milk may be heated before being used, but if not cold milk will answer. Cover the dish, set it in oven and bake it for 20 minutes. Uncover it and brown lightly on top.