Emergency Scones

Have you ever found the flour supply unexpectedly at and end? Read how Mrs Menzies, Torphichen, hit on a good recipe. I found myself without flour or buttermilk when I was about to bake a few scones for tea. The oven was in prime condition, so, making an experiment with what I had, a cupful of sago soaked in water, three teacupfuls wheaten meal, one tablespoonful syrup, one teaspoonful salt, one tablespoonful margarine. After mixing these together I put into a cup one tablespoonful vinegar and filled up the cup with water. Read more......

Banana Cream

This is a favourite dish. Mrs E. Rennie, Arbroath, is the sender of the recipe.
Peel and mash 5 large bananas until smooth them beat in 5 teaspoonfuls of icing sugar till free from lumps. Now whip up a cup of cream until stiff and mix with the banana pulp. Dissolve a packet of orange jelly in ¾ pint boiling water and leave till cold. Stir in cream and pour into a wet mould, leave till set. Serve with whipped cream.