David Barrie

The Harbour Wall

Waves crash the harbour wall
Clouds above loom dark and full
Thunder rumbles in the distance
As rain begins to fall
Creaking in the wind
Boats and yachts sway in the swell
As lightning strikes the discovery bell

Submitted by David Barrie

Dundee City of Discovery

A beautiful setting by the sea
What a surprise to me
Dundee City of Discovery
With the river called the Tay
Yes it takes your breath away
As I view from the Law
Scenery to beat them all

David Barrie, 1995

Submitted by David Barrie

Dundee Poem

Such a transformation it's really a sight to see
Down by the river in my home town of Dundee
Gone are the architectural nightmares of days gone by
Soon we will have our very own V & A
A new kid on the block down at Victoria Dock

Submitted by David Barrie

Dundee meh city

Dundee meh city, Dundee meh hame
It's whaur eh belang
Fae the Ferry tae Lochee
It's whaur eh whant tae be
In the city o Discovery.

Submitted by David Barrie
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