Napper Thamson

Wha remembers “Napper” Thamson
And his jaunty bus tours
Lavin’ early in the morning’s
Comin’ hame at a th ‘oors

In the fifties – oot for a run
Soakin’ in some summertime sun

Remember ‘Napper’s’ furniture store
Wi fancy goods an’ welcomin’ door
Furniture – toys o’ every kind
Walk roond – mak’ up yer mind

Browse roond – dinna be shy
Naebody’s forced tae buy

Display cabinets – radiograms
Quilts for cots an prams
Single an double beds
Striped flannelette sheets an candlewick spreads

Axminster for stairs
Table lamps and kitchen chairs
Cheenie tea sets – curtain gauze
Christmas Clubs for Santa Claus

In dark suit and hat – ‘Napper’
Was dapper
An it’s plen tae see
He’s aen o the worthies o Lochee!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald