Memories of Dundee

I was born in 1947 in Blackshade - a great place to grow up. Prefabs like little bungalows with front and back gardens! Open grassed areas for endless football and woods for countless adventures! Hatties was the first newsagent (hat never left his head) it was at the top of Iona Street. The only other shop to start with was Sandies at the St Mary's brae roundabout.

I started at Blackshade Primary, moved to Rockwell Primary and finally Harris. The prefabs were knocked down around 1959 and we moved to Foggielea Gardens, Lochee. We had stayed connected with Lochee through my 2 aunts in Stevensen St. and I was a member of the 6th Lifeboys and Boys Brigade (BB hut at the bottom of Sinclair St.

Memories of Lochee are Soaves Chipper, Grossi's Cafe, Frankie Davies Ice Creamer, Willie Faun the barber etc.I regularly attended Lochee East church before it was demolished to make way for Woolies! Mylar Dad taught me to play snooker in the High St hall, where you walked down a wooden floored corridor off the street to be greeted by a dingy, smoke filled room with good tables and skilled old players but with hanging umbrellas to cope with the leaking roof!

Can't believe the transformation from the Lochee I remember - full of life and character to the state it is today!

Submitted by Jim Hutchison