The Cafe Royal

The Auld Overgate's up an awa
Wi Tally Street and Thorter Raa
Whaur Cafe Royal's atmosphere
Brimmed an frothed wi custome cheer Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Scene 1

Does anyone remember the disco that opened up in the Overgate Centre called Scene 1? It was not there very long.

Submitted by Mimi

Buster Stall

My Great Granny Christina De Gerniar MacGregor had a buster stall in the old Overgate. She was some woman after having sixteen children.

Submitted by Sandra Anderson

Buster Stand

Holidays spent in Dundee 1939 to 1945. In the Overgate at a buster stand (chips and peas) in a large tarpaulin with an open fire. Sarsparilla from a chemist on Sunday mornings.

Submitted by Jim and Bet

Remember the 'Ager'?

Anyone out there who was an 'Ager' - Dundee Orphanage between 1945 - 1955? Lily and Ann Smith, Wullie Stewart, Edith and John Bell, Phyliss Goldie or the Cox family. We all need to make contact, as we all shared the same upbringing. Read more......

Submitted by Jean MacDonald
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