Bygone News - 50 to 75 years ago

February 1960

New N.C.R. Factory

TramsA new factory is to be built for the N.C.R. by Scottish Industrial Estates, Ltd. It's going up immediately behind the Block 4 building and is expected to be ready in 18 months. Read more......

January 1960

Lifeboat Disaster - The Official Verdict

Arbroath RoadAll eight members of the crew of the Broughty Ferry lifeboat Mona lost their lives because the lifeboat capsized. The disaster occurred on December 8. And yesterday the official report of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute said "The capsize was almost certainly caused by the lifeboat being thrown off course and across the sea."  This probably happened in shallow water just to the south of the entrance to the Tay. Read more......

December 1959

They're Just Wild About Cliff!

Gaumont CinemaNever have there been such "screaming scenes" in Dundee's Gaumont Theatre as those which greeted Wednesday night's performance of teenage idol Cliff Richard.

Two young women must have been really "sent". They lay on the road under the wheels of a private car that was blocking the rock star's intended hasty retreat at the end of the performance. Read more......

November 1958

Craigard River is Now a Road

Wellgate StepsTenants in new houses in the Craigard Road district of Camperdown are amazed at the difference in the state of their road and drying greens. Read more......

November 1959

Pigeons Upset the Old Steeple Clock

Dundee's Old Steeple clock needs an extensive overhaul. Much of the trouble has Cox's Stackbeen caused by pigeons.

This week the Works Committee had a recommendation from Mr Robert Brown, who looks after public clocks, that the windows giving access to the mechanism be cover with wire netting to keep them out. Read more......

October 1959

Dark Blues are Not Getting the Breaks

KirktonDundee, particularly away from home, are playing classy football but are not getting their due rewards in points. At Rugby Park they gave Kilmarnock the biggest run around they've had for many a day and yet had to be content with a point. Read more......

September 1959

The Black Watch Memorial

LibraryMemorial to the 4th and 5th Battalions of
The Black Watch
1939-45 War.
This memorial, which is situated at the top of Powrie Brae, near Dundee is to be Unveiled on October 15 at 11.30 a.m. Read more......

August 1959

Dundee Baby Born in an Abbey

View over the TayAll over the holy isle of Iona the news spread like wildfire: "The baby's arrived at the abbey - it's a boy!" Some rang the neighbouring Isle of Mull about a load of potatoes and was greeted with the excited question: "Is it right about the baby at the abbey?" Read more......

July 1959

The Cowgate Porters Go On Holiday

West EndThe Cowgate Porters announced in the "Courier" this morning that they are going on holiday. A century tradition lies behind the name.

The Cowgate Porters are jute stowers. They came into being in the city, and their meeting place has always been at the foot of the Wellgate. Read more......

June 1959

Sandy Henderson Stars in United Trial

Arbroath RoadUnited's trial game was pretty successful. Several junior trialists were on show. Outstanding amongst them was McLaughlin, Kirrie Thistle's left winger, and Smith (Aberdeen Lads' Club), who played a trial late in the season, Smith is likely to be signed. Read more......