October 1959

Dark Blues are Not Getting the Breaks

KirktonDundee, particularly away from home, are playing classy football but are not getting their due rewards in points. At Rugby Park they gave Kilmarnock the biggest run around they've had for many a day and yet had to be content with a point.Wingers George McGeachie and Hugh Robertson collected the goals. Albert Henderson laid on the left-winger's counter with a beautifully-placed free-kick.

Dens Park will have an almost capacity crowd this afternoon when Rangers supply the opposition.

The week before against Motherwell the Dark Blues were refused two glaring penalty kicks.

At Kilmarnock the homesters got their equaliser from a very soft handling offence.

They'll tell you that these things balance up in the course of a season, but as things are going at present the boys don't see much hope of this.

Dundee in the first half were a delight to watch. But they could not cash in on their outfield superiority with goals. Once again the defence was outstanding. Alec Hamilton and Bobby Cox were superb. Perhaps the selectors will give them a big honour one day. This week the league made Cox reserve for the Irish League game.

Jimmy Gabriel was again tops and he got terrific backing from Davie Curlett. Davie was playing before his former home crowd for the first time and he certainly gave all he had.

Up front the honours in a line that was working hard all the time went to Alan Cousin and Hugh Robertson. Alan put in a power of work, but we would like to see him find his old finishing power. He's not getting amongst the goals these days.

A Sunshine Club

There will soon be a waiting-list of members for the new Five Ways Old Folk's Club, which was opened by the Queen Mother last week. The club started all activities on Monday, and 62 new members were enrolled. More looked in during the rest of the week and asked for membership cards.

"We are still able to take a few members" says the warden, Mrs H.Andrew. "But I can see us starting a waiting list soon. So many are attending that it is like a factory coming out at 4.30pm!"


Baldovan Hospital (near Dundee).
Applications are invited from young men and women, 18 years and over, to train in Mental Deficiency Nursing. Applications to and full particulars from Matron or Chief Male Nurse.

Logie Street Tram Track Next to Go

Next phase of the tram track reinstatement in Dundee will be Logie Street, between Tullideph Road and the Railway Bridge in Lochee. This was approved by the Works Committee on Tuesday night. They were told that the section under the Lochee Road at present under construction is likely to be finished by the end of this month. Estimated cost of this new section is £35,796.

Lord Provost Hughes asked where the next contract was likely to be. Mr John Armour, city engineer, said he had in mind sections of the Perth Road and Blackness Road, and one or two smaller lengths of road in the central area, but meantime keeping off the High Street and Nethergate.

Indian Summer - Letter's Page

We often refer to a spell of mild, sunny weather occurring in late autumn as an Indian summer, but how many of us know the origin of this?

The American Indians have this delightful explanation…
The great god, Manitou, grants his subjects ample summer weather for the laying in of stocks of food and necessities for the winter. He is, however, wise enough to realise that when the first chill of autumn falls, there will always be some lazy people unprepared.

So between the first cold of autumn and the onset of winter, the wise god always bestows the favour of the fine weather during which the lazier Indians have a last chance to stock up for the winter.
Mr H. Halupka, the Hilton Mines, Shawville, Quebec, Canada.

Big Holiday Attraction

Dundee United v. Newcastle United
At Tannadice Park
Monday first October 5
Kick-off at 3pm.

Hectic Time for "Hello Girls

The second half of this week has been hectic for Telephone House, and especially for the lassies on the switchboard who have been inundated with queries concerning new codes operating through the city and the new number system in Broughty Ferry.

The Broughty changes are the result of a new £118,000 exchange, built to take the place of the existing one which was out of date and becoming quite incapable of dealing with the ever-growing number of subscribers. The time chosen for the changeover - which only took 4 minutes - was 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday. The time was carefully chosen to cause as little inconvenience as possible, as Wednesday is early closing day and traffic at that time is very light.

And the new system has been so arranged that only about one third of Broughty's 2200 subscribers had their number changed.

The code changed in the rest of Dundee have nothing whatsoever to do with the changes in Broughty Ferry. It's simply that the job had to be done and they decided to do it all at once.

What has happened with the codes is:-
Directory Inquiries has changed from 91 to 92.
Inquiries, faults and service difficulties from 91 to 191.
Telegrams from 90 to 190 and Head Office and Telephone House from 92 to 23171.

All this is to make better use of the automatic equipment and the changes effect not only Dundee but subscribers to many of the surrounding automatic exchanges.

Coin box and call office users are not effected. Nor are they affected by the new code for calling the operator - 100 instead of 0. This has been introduced in preparation for the introduction of the subscriber trunk dialling system, which will be available in the centre of the city early next year. 0 will then be the number for controlling "Grace" the robot operator.

Not Between Themselves

As a gesture to Old People's Week, Dundee Brotherhood tomorrow afternoon will feature the Darby and Joan choir. They will also call in an old friend in the person of welfare chaplain, the Rev Philip Lee. The title of his talk, "Between Ourselves" but yesterday he said, "It's not meant to be so exclusive as it sounds". In fact the Brotherhood intends this to be a completely open meeting. "No old person need be alone this Sunday afternoon. They can join in the Brotherhood Fellowship".
The place, Y.M.C.A., the time, 2.30 pm.