September 1959

The Black Watch Memorial

LibraryMemorial to the 4th and 5th Battalions of
The Black Watch
1939-45 War.
This memorial, which is situated at the top of Powrie Brae, near Dundee is to be Unveiled on October 15 at 11.30 a.m. All widows and relatives of officers and men of theses Battalions who fell during the war and who wish to be invited to the Unveiling should apply to the Adjutant, 4/5th Battalion, The Black Watch, Drill Hall, Bell Street, Dundee, when invitations will be sent to them.

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The "Pirate"

Visitors to Scott's exhibition at Caird Hall next week will each receive a key. The lucky ones will find that their key fits the lock of a treasure chest in the middle of the hall. And theirs will be the choice of such gifts such as electric toasters, mixers, hairdryers &c.

But even for the losers it should be a pleasant occasion. For the chest will be manned by a pirate. And beneath the pirate's costume will be the Arbroath glamour swimming star, Frances Hogben.

Socialists Win Caird Hall Draw

Three names went into the hat in Dundee on Monday to decide which political party is to get the Caird Hall on the eve of the poll (October 7). Winner was the Socialist Party. The Unionist and Liberal Nationals were second and were allocated the lot for October 6. Also, in the draw were the Communists who asked for the eve of the poll only.

Plans for Dudhope Castle Restoration

An outside architect is to be asked to prepare plans and costs for the restoration on Dudhope Castle in Dundee. This was agreed by the Corporation Works committee on Monday nights.

Lord Provost Hughes said the voluntary committee which had been raising money had prospects of getting more from interested bodies, such as the Pilgrim Trust. Before they could do so, however, fairly detailed plans must be submitted showing what the work was to be and the estimated cost. He suggested they should authorise an outside architect to prepare the necessary plans.

It was intended to ask an architect who did a great deal of work with the National Trust and who was perhaps not without influence with some of these charitable bodies.

City's £1000 for Disaster Fund

Dundee Finance Committee on Thursday night agreed to give a donation of £1000 to the Auchengeich Colliery disaster fund. The cheque will be handed to Lord Provost William Hughes, who announced that he is to launch a disaster fund in Dundee.

He felt that a local appeal often brought in a better response, by encouraging the smaller but welcome contributions, which the donors might not otherwise trouble to send to an outside address.

Donations should be sent to the Lord Provost, City Chambers, Dundee.

Radio Field Service Engineer

Required. Top salary and excellent working conditions, with an opportunity of acquiring television service experience, Write, giving details of previous career. Watts (Dundee) Ltd., 25-31 Wellgate, Dundee.

The "Five Ways" Club

"I am thrilled to know of the wonderful work that is going on in Dundee. I think the people of Dundee must have a great passion and a great interest in the welfare of their old people".

The Countess of Airlie said this on Tuesday night when she addressed the old people's welfare committee in the City Chambers.

"I think since the war we have given a lot of time and energy to youth clubs. Although this is very necessary, it is very important not to spoon-feed them so that they don't think they are the only people the community are interested in".

The Chairman, Mrs K.C. Hayens, said this was to be an exciting year for the old people. She referred to the new club at Caird Avenue. "I just feel that our dream is coming true at last".

The Secretary, Mr Norman J.A. Robertson, reported the new club would be called the Five Ways Club because it was at the junction of five roads. He appealed to any talented person to help in entertaining at the club.

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