January 1960

Lifeboat Disaster - The Official Verdict

Arbroath RoadAll eight members of the crew of the Broughty Ferry lifeboat Mona lost their lives because the lifeboat capsized. The disaster occurred on December 8. And yesterday the official report of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute said "The capsize was almost certainly caused by the lifeboat being thrown off course and across the sea."  This probably happened in shallow water just to the south of the entrance to the Tay.The report also states - That the decision to launch the lifeboat was the correct one - despite the tragic outcome; That the condition of the hull and the machinery of the lifeboat at the time of the launching was "first class"; That all the engines and bilge pumps were working satisfactory up to the moment of capsize; That all seven men whose bodies have been found died from drowning had suffered no injuries apart from abrasions.

The report is signed by Earl Howe, chairman of the committee of management, R.N.L.I.

TV Turn

In the B.B.C. studio at Coldside Library, Dundee, auditions were held this week for ITV programme "Your Turn Now" to be broadcast on February 1. This fortnightly programme - introduced as one of those replacing "Mainly for Women" series - lasts half an hour and has seven acts in addition to a guest star.

Star on February 1 will be Robert Wilson. Says Archie McCulloch, compere of the show, "This has been a lucky programme for the stars. People like Russ Conway, Ken Mackintosh and Edmundo Ros have each has a TV series of their own after appearing in "Your Turn Now".

My Apologies, United (by Man on the Terracing)

On December 12, I said: "But do United look like a First Division side yet?"
After seeing the East Fife game I take it all back.
And one vital fact about this United team is that they're all youngsters.
Too often a promotion team has more that a fair share of old heads whose experience tells in the Second Division. But "upstairs" they are found out.
Earlier in the season my own hope was that United wouldn't go up this season. Reason. That they weren't ready. But here's their chance. Let them grab it now.

Stars Booked for the Caird Hall

Forthcoming attractions in the Caird Hall, Dundee, will include appearances by Kenneth McKellar, Emlyn Williams and Paul Robeson.

Emlyn Williams, the actor and Dickens' exponent, will be on the stage on April 29. The Kenneth McKellar concert will be on June 1. Paul Robeson returns for a concert on March 24.

Dundee Orchestral Society

Sunday January, 31,
At 7.45pm in the Caird Hall
Soloist Dennis Matthews
Conductor Dr Bela De Csillery
Ticket available from Messrs Larg, Whitehall Street.

ABC Capitol Dundee

Monday 1 February.
For six days
"Tommy the Toreador" (U) (Technicolor)
Tommy Steele, Janet Munro, Sidney James.
Showing at 2.50, 5.55, 9.0.
Teapot Repair Service
While you wait - 1 minute.
Yale key service.
Oil heating stoves and Aladdin pink paraffin
Edgar Milne, 114, Victoria Road, Dundee. Telephone 4489.

Tay Ferry Replacement

The Tay Ferry vessel Abercraig has been taken out of service for annual survey. Her place has been taken by the paddle boat B.L. Nairn.

Road Bridge Engineers

Lord Provost William Hughes announced on Wednesday that the firm of Messrs F. A. MacDonald and Partners, Glasgow, have accepted the appointment as engineers for the Tay Road Bridge. The announcement was made by the Lord Provost following a meetings in the County Clerk's room at Cupar, which was attended by Mr John Sneddon, Keltly, the Fife county convener, and Mr Robert Lyle, town clerk, Dundee; Mr Matthew Pollock, county clerk of Fife, and Mr. W.A. Fairhurst, a partner in the firm . MacDonald and Partners.

Mr Fairhurst said that one of the first steps to be taken would be to have borings made of the bed of the river.