August 1959

Dundee Baby Born in an Abbey

View over the TayAll over the holy isle of Iona the news spread like wildfire: "The baby's arrived at the abbey - it's a boy!" Some rang the neighbouring Isle of Mull about a load of potatoes and was greeted with the excited question: "Is it right about the baby at the abbey?"There has been an abbey on St Columba Island for over 700 years. But it has never seen the birth of a baby before. At five minutes past two on a sunny afternoon, Alistair Mathers, 8┬╝lb. And very alive and kicking broke the long monastic calm with a loud and lusty cry. He was born to Laura, ex-Dundee school teacher and wife of former lay-preacher, Mr Ken Mathers.

For an abbey baby Alistair was considerate in the timing of his arrival, first warning signs appeared about eight in the morning. The prospective father phoned the nearest doctor and the district nurse, it was the nurse who appeared first, two hours later. Dr Helen Martin, 10 miles away across rugged country and a sometimes stormy Atlantic channel, was held up at Bunessan, Mull. She arrived at eleven o'clock, completing the last stage of her land and sea journey by tractor. Mr Mathers said "If it had happened through the night, there would have been all sorts of complications, travel would have been doubly difficult in the darkness. And it would have meant rousing the ferryman and launching the motor-boat specially.

It was planned at first to give the abbey baby the middle name of "Columba" but Mr Mathers said "We decided he might not thank us for such a title later in life. So we're to make it Alistair George - after the leader of the new Iona community, Dr George MacLeod.

The baby will be christened in the abbey.

Recipe for a Happy Day

Take one whole pound of kindliness
And stir it round with thoughts that bless.
Plenty of patience makes it nice
Some fun will add a pleasant spice
Don't weigh out love, but pour it in
Oil of good cheer will grease your tin
Mix well in just the old time way
And you'll have made a happy day.

Miss C.M. Hamilton, Inverness-shire.

The Tonic Show for Old Folk

Are you remembering the date?
It's Wednesday August 26. And the place - Caird Hall, Dundee.
It's there that Dundee's old folk will get what the city's welfare chaplain, Rev. Philip Lee, has described as "a tonic to help them face the winter".
The tonic?
Another "People's Journal" concert, starring Johnny Victory and the entire Palace Theatre company.
It'll be fun. And it'll be free.
For details of how to go about getting your ticket, watch next week's "People's Journal".

Jolly Jackdaw

Jackie is a jackdaw who likes meeting people. Especially young folk. While flying over the Kingsway he spotted 11 year-old Angus Ross going home to No52. So Jackie dropped down to say hello.

Angus and his sister Heather, aged 8, had a grand time with Jackie, who hopped on their heads, onto their shoulders, and later tucked into a saucer of scraps.
Then he posed for a photo with Angus and flew round the house once or twice just to show off. As the family were leaving for a picnic he circled the car, alighted on the hand Mr Ross waved out the window, and travelled part of the road on the roof. Then Jackie went on his way.

New Line for Dundee Firm

To meet an increased demand for electricity metres in Scotland, Ferranti, Ltd, announced in London that they are to start production of meters at their Dundee factory.

Is It Coming?

Dundee have been in touch with Airdrie on the subject of a covered enclosure. Broomfield Park has undergone an amazing transformation during the close season, and one of the most interesting developments has been the erection of a semi-cantilever "umbrella" on the railway side.

This has attracted the attention of the Dundee directors. Could be that we'll see a similar structure being built at Dens.

Overgate - The Third Plan

There are now three plans before Dundee Corporation for the comprehensive redevelopment of the Overgate area.

The newcomer is Murrayfield Real Estate Co, Ltd, Edinburgh and London, for whom the architect is Mr Ian Burke, 11 South Tay Street, Dundee. Developments already carried out in England by the three rival bidders will be inspected by a deputation from the corporation this weekend.

Caledon Pays off 116

A hundred and sixteen men were paid off on Monday night by the Caledon Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Ltd, Dundee.

A spokesman for the company said the men were boilermakers and other craftsmen and labourers. He said the pay-offs were because of "slackening off". There would probably be further pay-offs, but he could not say when or how many men would be effected.

The launch from the Caledon on July 21 of the Athelprince left the yard with a vacant berth for the first time in nearly 25 years.

"South Pacific" Flow On

On May 25 the A.B.C. Capitol started showing "South Pacific". It was to stay for an indefinite season. Cinema proprietors thought it might even last 12 weeks. The results have proven even better than expected. This is the 13th week of the season - a record for Dundee - and the film is still playing to capacity houses.

Even on Wednesday this week, when the midday temperate was 71 degrees, crowds turned out, and every seat in the cinema was taken before the performance started. Some would-be customers were disappointed.

No date has yet been fixed for the end of the season. Though the manager, Mr George, won't give away the exact attendance figures, he does admit that the total is now well over half-way mark of Dundee's population.

Burnett's Bakery

"The Best People for Morning Rolls"
Daily delivery to your door
Fintry - Douglas - St Mary's - Buttar's Loan.