Before The Last Tram

Travellin' on a tramcar
Frae toun tae terminus
Was an experience
Enjoyed by many o' us

Rumblin' doun the middle o' the road
On dual lines - kept free
Frae vehicles and cyclists
Whaur they'd nae richt tae be

Driver's foot-bell clanged aloud
When pedestrians crossed the lines
And for offending motorists
Stiff penalties and fines

All aboard! chirped the conductor
Clickin' at a ticket machine
Wi copper-stained fingers
'An affay joab tae keep hands clean'

Ticket inspectors (men tae be feared)
Were respected when they appeared
Kids inside - adults upstairs!
Sang the collector collectin' fares

Inside leather seatin'
Comfortable - appealin'
On lower decks passenger 'holding' straps
Were suspended from rails from the ceiling

Twa dings o' the conductor's bell
Afore the driver withoot delay
Drove frae a'e stop tae anither
Timely teamwork all the way

Travellin' on tramcars
Were highlichts o' my day
And fond farewells were flowing
As the last tram pulled away


Submitted by Anna MacDonald