The City Arcade

Wha remembers the City Arcade
Underneath Caird Hall
Buyin' onythin' frae a half-loaf
Tae a bouncing rubber ball

Maybe cooked chicken - groceries
Flooers - fruit or fish
Or a bowl o' potted hough
In a wee glass dish

If home brew was appealin'
Ingredients were fine
For brewin' the best o' beer
Or fermentin' gallons o' wine

Wha thinks on the angel scraps
Toy watches an' rings in the shop
The central arcade amusements
Deafenin' music - sweer tae stop

Kids loved best
Ridin' Champion the Wonder Horse thro' Wild West
And the free lollipop popped
Intae their mouths when Champion stopped

Linoleum for the kitchen flair
Furniture for the room
Bone china in the gift shop
Fit for bride an' groom

Dish clouts - dusters - mops
Hooks for curtain rails
Pegs for washin' lines
Scrubbin' brushes - soaps an' pails

Wools an' ribbons for matinees coats
Chocolates - prize bingo to play
Cups o' tea in the cafe
Passin' the time o' day

Shore Terrace believes
Behind closed doors
The Arcade grieves

Submitted by Anna MacDonald