Oor Wullie

He’s a braw lad – Ooor Wullie
Read the Sunday Post an’ see
Every single thing that he does
Gaes doon in history

Frae Dundee tae Australia
An’ everywhere he goes
Sunday widnae be Sunday
Withoot his weekly comic shows

He disnae like a haircut
Loves Maw’s hame-made cakes
Temptation’s ower much for him
Every time she bakes

Sunday’s clootie dumplin’
Gaed missing frae the windae-sill
P.C. Murdoch canna tell’m’aff
For he got a slice frae Wull

Wullie’s ain wee pals
Are niver far awa
Wee Eck – Fat Boab an’ Soaply
Love kickin’ an auld fitba’

Wullie’s wee mouse Jeemy
The mouse wha understands
Rins up-an-doun Our Wullie’s arms
Dae’n kertwheels in his hands

While Wullie sits content’d-like
Sittin’ – if ye please
On his ain wee metal bucket
Wearin’ buits and dungarees

He’s kent a’ around the world
Ye see
For Our Wullie’s ain o’ the worthies
O’ oor Bonnie Dundee

Submitted by Anna MacDonald