Desperate Dan

Desperate Dan
A 60th birthday tribute 1997
(BSE Scare year)

Hi! There Desperate Dan
D.C.Thomson’s ‘Dandy’ man
Tough as nails – stubble on chin
From Cactusville your were ‘drawn-in’
In 1937 – to comic page
Immediately to centre-stage

With enormous strength and appetite
Gigantic cow-pies were your delight
But menus change – less beef jerky
More fish and veg and legs of  turkey

Your boots have raised a lot of dust
Spurs gathering reader-trust
Returning every week
To ‘sit-com’ and havoc wreak

Your appearance hasn’t changed a bit
In your 60th year you’re still a hit!
In comic-strip above the rest
Success to every future quest.

Submitted by Anna MacDonald