Belmont Camp

At holiday times we would go on day trips with our parents on a train to Arbroath or Edinburgh. Sometimes we would go on the Fifies to visit our cousins in Tayport. We would spend all day there and come back on the last Fifie at night.

When I was eleven years old I went to Belmont Camp near Coupar Angus with our school for a holiday. We stayed for two weeks. There were other schools from Dundee there at the same time. We had lots of fun doing different things like nature trails, swings, games and picnics. We did a little bit of school work in the mornings and just had fun all day after that. At supper time we had cocoa and home made jam tart - it tasted so good. On our last night there we had a dance for everyone that was there. Our teachers danced with us to the end of the holiday. We went off to our dormitories too excited to sleep as we were going home the next day.


Submitted by Maureen M