Maureen's Life

I was born in 1946 in Lochee. Unfortunately my father died at 21 and my mother became a widow at 18. We then moved in with my grandparents in the new housing scheme called "Beechwood". This was a lovely friendly place to grow up in.

My first school was St. Mary's Lochee. There were so many pupils the overspill went to South Road School for a couple of years. I never minded because my mum worked in the fish cannery next door and sometimes at dinner time I got a penny for sweets from her.

I missed a year of schooling as I had polio and spent this time in Bridge of Earn Hospital. This was a sad lonely time as you only got visitors on Wednesday and weekends. I missed my family very much.

I also attended St. John's Secondary for 3 years, leaving at 15 to start work in the D.E.C.S. office in North Ellen Street.

I married young and had 3 sons. I am now a very proud grandma to 5 children. I have always loved living in Dundee which is a city to be proud of.

I have worked in various places including Timex and Ferranti. When you started in Ferranti you had to sign the "Secrets Act" so as not to give away any secrets about your work. 30 years later I still do not know what I was making! The jobs kept getting different to enable me to work around childcare. I have been a waitress, cleaner, housekeeper, barmaid. I once worked in Smedleys taking the eyes out of potatoes - what boring work! I was once employed in Newport cleaning scallops - that was cold, smelly work.

20 years ago I started working in homes looking after older people. This is the best job I have ever had, so interesting listening to the many stories of elderly clients. I have enjoyed every minute although it is hard, tiring and physically demanding work.

Submitted by Maureen