Worm's Eye View

Granda’ passed awa’
An’ they laid him tae rest doon deep
In a shady spot in his cemetery plot
Granny started tae weep

Twa lairs they’d bought a’tween them
Lang time ago
They want’d tae be th’gither
When their time had come tae go

An epitaph for their tombstone planned
We walk’d th’gither through this land

She died last week on Sabbath
But when the earth was being prepared
They found him I’ the tap layer
He’d hae died had he been spared

The hearse arrived richt on time
At twa o’clock on the dot
They buried her in separate grave
No the ain that she’d bought

Mourners whispered as the prayer was read
We ken it’s an awfy shame
But they’re as close th’gither noo
As they ever were at hame!!

Submitted by Anna MacDonald