Food for Thought

Remember wartime ration books
The ingenuity of wartime cooks
Nothing allowed to go to waste
Porridge becoming a familiar taste

Tatties and neeps (stomaches-full)
Peas from the kailpot to chew at school
Remember tops of eggs being taken
For tea – it was no joke
Kids then seldom tasted yoke

Powdered egg in a tin
Less sugar and sweets (more saccharin)
Baked rice, raisins, curds an’ whey
Custard and rhubarb – desserts of the day

Remember the plates o’stovies
The collector calling from the Provi
Tinned milk – kettle whistling on the boil
Orange juice and cod liver oil

But nutritionists advise
That wartime food
Only did us
A power of good

Submitted by Anna MacDonald