The Wellgate Clock

Crowds gather in anticipation
Showing their appreciation
The footman grinds the hurdy gurdy
In tuneful animation
A monkey turns to look around
Two bluebirds take their station - Almost midday
Precisely then - the clock becomes alive
Unicorn gallops and nods his head
To the cat's fiddling jive

Lion wakes and with his tail
Strikes midday hour
Releasing enchantment
With hypnotising power

Twelve pairs of doors
Sequel through
A dozen childhood scenes
A wonderland of magic
Fantasy of dreams

Little Bo Peep seeks advice
Pop goes the weasel - buying rice
Simple Simon - lank and lean
Pussy cat, pussy cat - where have you been
Little Miss Muffet
Little Jack Horner
Is baby awake?
Tom, Tom, the Piper's son
Contrary Mary's garden's fun
Little Tommy Tucker sings for you
As we wave goodbye to Lavender Blue

Crowds disperse in exaltation
Nostalgic, sweet appreciation

Submitted by Anna MacDonald