Witches on broomsticks
In spirited flicht
Skim rooftop grannies
Chasin' munelicht
Goblins - sprites
Bogles micht be seen
On the eeriest nicht o' th' calendar year

This is the nicht
Guisers gad aboot
Luggin' lum brushes
Faces daubed w' soot
Haudin' lanterns made o' neep
Caunle-licht blinkin' thro'
Two spooky sunken e'en
An' a gapin' mou'

Imaginative dress designer
Ne'er created costume finer
Pointed hats - buckled shae
Tackety buits - coats o' grey
Wizn'd masks in weird licht
Adorn guisers o' the nicht
A' anxious tae be seen
On catwalks at Hallowe'en

Queer green painted faces
Shune wi' broken laces
Baggy troosers - dressin' goons
Auld bunnets on young croons
Shawls, scarves - mair or less
A' in fancy dress
Frae ten tae teen
Makin' the maist o' Hallowe'en

Roon' backies - on the stair
In three's or fower's (even mair)
Chins waggin' - faces beamin'
Thro' shadows - e'en gleamin'
They'll knock doors - ding the bell
Wha'll answer - nane can tell
Till a freen'ly sowl within
Unsnecks a lock an' lets them in

Tae invite them recite or rhyme
Sing - enact a mime
Dook for aipples till jowls sair
Wi' sticky treacle i' their hair
Little skair'd o' bogie-men
Nor creepy things ayont their ken

Aye - but feardie gowks and wary fowk
Are rarely ever seen
On the eeriest nicht - the calendar nicht

Submitted by Anna MacDonald