The Dog with the Smile in His Tail

If I take a walk over to visit my neighbour
I'm always bemused by her beagle's behaviour
He'll run round my ankles - the trick's yet to fail
Then he'll swagger around with a smile in his tail

I may sound eccentric - well maybe I am
But his animal loves me - the canine called Sam
He'll look at me coyly - this fine beagle male
And waggle his rump with a smile in his tail

He wants to be good - tries very hard
And turns his tail to me in hope of reward
So I pat his back gently and he gives a loud wail
As again he confronts me with a smile in his tail

I've known many dogs of different breeds
Known of their habits - known of their needs
Known dogs of strength and dogs which are frail
But only known one with a smile in his tail

Submitted by Anna MacDonald