Cadbury My Pelican

My flat is very small
Four metres from wall to wall
Scarcely room to hang a hat
Let alone swing a cat
But I have a pelican - who - what's more
Lays chocolate cream eggs by the score

My fashionable fowl (from fun-fur stock)
Needs no exercising walk
His food intakes exactly nil
And I've yet to foot a veterinary bill
From the ceiling he takes view
Thro' two button eyes of blue

Children when they come to tea
Say - 'Please will you lay an egg fo me'
And gasp - when magically - chocolate cream eggs
Appear from behind short spindly legs
As I bungee him up-an' down
From springy-bobs hooked to his crown

Cadbury means the world to me
He's delightful company
Doesn't flap when I holiday
Looks after himself whilst I'm away
Today he's making his debut
To introduce himself to you

Submitted by Anna MacDonald