Great Neighbour

Of course I can't go back in time as most of the fowk here, however being born and bred in Dundee living most of my young life in Beechwood I have brilliant memories from there.

Born in 1960 in Maryfield Hospital I was taken to my parents new house in Beechwood '11 Kings Cross Road' (the wee squary). They moved from Little John Street (The Crescent). My mum asked our new neighbour if she would look after me as my elder sister was in Kings Cross and mum had to attend to her, our new neighbour (Mary Tinney) had no idea she would be looking after a babe in arms, from that day on a special bond was made and I never stopped chapping on Mary's door after that.

That innocent sunny safe Beechwood I was brought up in has gone now and I miss it terribly, I feel the Council as usual made a grave error in demolishing it.


Submitted by Bobby