Hints And Tips

Bright Tips 1983

Shining Jewellery

Blackboard chalk, kept in your trinket box, will help to prevent tarnish on jewellery. Mrs Harold, Caithness. Read more......

Aunt Kate's Tips 1910

To Remove Tartar from Teeth

Tartar, one of the greatest enemies of the teeth, may be kept away by the daily brushing of the teeth and the use of a few drops of myrrh in a half-glass of water. Use a moderately stiff toothbrush. The teeth should be brushed after every meal but where this is not convenient brushed thoroughly every morning. Read more......

Weekly Tips 1910

Hemming Linen

When turning a hem on linen keep a glass of warm water at hand and dip the fingers into it frequently. The stiffness of the heavy linen will yield and the work may be accomplished much more quickly and accurately. Read more......