September 1983

World Champs in Dundee

MurraygateIts not often that Dundee gets the chance to play host to a bevy of world and sporting champions - but that is exactly what will happen next week. Wrestlers Rollerball Rocco, Johnny Saint, Ian Law and Jim Breaks-all well known television names, will take to the ring on Tuesday evening in the Caird Hall in a series of spectacular double championship bouts.

World Welterweight Champion Ian Law moved back to his native Tayside just two years ago after a globe trotting career. Since then he has done all he can to improve the popularity of the sport in Dundee, both among the spectating public and potential wrestlers.

"We've now got a few young lads training with us who show a tremendous amount of potential. One in particular, Dave Macnamara from Perth, could be a European champion" comments Ian in Dundee the week.

Ian won his first world title in the Caird Hall just last November, and is to put it on the line again against the European Lightweight Champion Jim Breaks from Bradford - the governing body of wrestling  dictates that a contestant can enter in classes above his weight but never under.

The Law v's Rocco bout in Dundee a couple of months ago ended in bloodshed, but its hoped that blood is spared from Tuesday's bout between Rocco and Johnny Saint. Both men hold world titles, but Roccos heavy middleweight championship is at stake if the lightweight Johnny Saint turns out the victor.

Supporting bouts between Dave Macnamara and Pete Bruce, Dundee; Henry McGrath, Dundee and Red Devil USA; and Brian McInally, Stirling and Johnny Peters, Yorkshire will provide an exciting build up to the two main fights.

Ian hasn't been sitting back on his laurels since his appearance in Dundee. Trips to Manchester and Birmingham as part of a tag team with Johnny Saint have helped fill in a few of the long summer weeks.

Kirkton Computer Leads the Way

The computer age is reaching right into Dundee's community centres! Staff at the Kirkton one are piloting the possible way forward. For the little piece of electronic wizardry in their office is aimed at helping with a variety of vital tasks. Stored in the computer and removing the need eventually for a whole lot of paperwork will be information like lists of names of members.

The Kirkton computer will help, too with admin tasks, even keeping tabs on the centre's month-by-month income and expenditure. There will even be a role for the computer helping with the booking of various facilities. Suppose for instance, you ask if you can book the Games Hall. The computer will be able to tell if the desired date and time are available and you can make your booking provisional if you want to confirm later.

Of course information has to be kept secure in a computer. The Kirkton one will only respond to authorised staff, who must key in their own "log" and use their password before the screen provides the information. Not everything given out by the computer has to be a message on the screen. You can get print-outs, too, all neatly tabulated. This will be a help to Kirkton secretary Cathy Hamilton when it comes to supplying budget sheets for headquarters or for writing letters for circulation among members.

In the electronic age your local Community  Centre seems set on keeping abreast of progress.

Cinema Listings

Regal Broughty Ferry
Next Monday for three days
"Tootsie" (PG)
For times please see "Courier"

ABC 1& 2 Dundee
"Monty Python's Meaning of Life" (18)
Comp. Perf. Sun. 5.30, 7.50; Week 1.45, 3.55, 6,05, 8.35.

"The Outsiders" (PG)
Sun, 5.45, 8.20; Week 1.45, 4.00,6.15, 8.55.

Mon, Tue, Wed three days only
"Wicked lady" (18)
"Death Wish 11"(18)

Bright Tips

Try Peel - To restore the colour and shine of black shoes, rub them with the fresh side of orange peel, using the inside of the rind. Then polish them with a damp cloth. Mrs I. MacFarlane, Glasgow.


Hot of the heels of last weeks Paul Weller competition, Poparound readers now have the chance to Meet super group Kajagoogoo. The competition is open to readers of this page and patrons of Club Feet, the alternative music disco in Dundee's Tay Hotel. Organiser Tommy Cochrane confirmed this week for the competition winner (sorry there can only be one) to travel down to London on Tuesday 20th September to meet the top pop group and be shown around the recording company offices.

Tommy will accompany the winner on the return Air Ecosse flight from Riverside Airport Dundee and the day trip will also include a visit to the huge international disco exhibition being held in London.

Now for the important part.. Simply answer these two questions and hand your answers on a postcard to (on a postcard) to the Club Feet DJ as soon as possible.

1.    One of the original Kajagoogoo members has just left to pursue a solo career - name him?
2.    What was the name of the band's first number one single?

Good Luck!

Segregation Plans

Only the stand is bookable for the derby game at Dens tomorrow (Sat). The usual segregation of fans will apply for this game. Dundee supporters will occupy the south and west enclosures and United fans will use the stand enclosure and east terracing.

Leuchars Crash-Landing Drama

A Pilot and three passengers walked away unscathed yesterday after their twin-engined plane ploughed 300 yards off the runway at R.A.F. Leuchars on its port wheel and starboard wing tip. The Italian built light aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at the Fife airbase after losing a wheel during its landing approach at Dundee Airport..

As the drama unfolded it emerged that the forced landing may have been the second near disaster the aircraft was involved in. Tayside Police are investigating the possibility that the starboard wheel may have been severed after the plane brushed a hilltop  in the Carse of Gowrie in low cloud. At Leuchars full emergency services raced to the scene as the crippled plane slewed off the runway but the pilot and three male passengers were able to walk uninjured from the seemingly undamaged fuselage. They were taken to the station's medical centre for an examination and later released to catch a taxi to complete their journey to Aberdeen.