October 1908

Dundee Public's Reading Facilities

Blackness LibraryOpening of Blackness and Coldside Libraries
An important addition to the library facilities enjoyed by the inhabitants of Dundee was made yesterday, when two branch libraries, which have been erected through the generosity of Dr Andrew Carnegie, were formally opened for public service.Under the Carnegie gift of £37,000 the sum of £26,000 was ear-marked for the purposes of erecting the four branch libraries. Three of these are now in existence and in each instance the site for the building was provided by a public-spirited citizen. For the first branch library erected in Arthurstone Terrace some years ago, the late Miss Symers of St Helens gifted the site, and the libraries at Blackness and Coldside, which were formally opened yesterday, will always be associated with the names of the late Mr John Robertson of Elmslea and ex-Lord Provost Barrie respectively, who generously gave the ground on which the elegant buildings have been erected.

The opening ceremonies attracted considerable public attention. Dr John Ross, Chairman of the Dunfermline Carnegie Trust, officiated at Blackness and Dr Hew Morrison, of the Edinburgh Public Library, performed the ceremony at Coldside. As souvenirs of the occasion, Dr Ross and Dr Morrison were each presented with silver keys by Mr James Thomson, the city architect, who designed the libraries. After the opening ceremonies Lord Provost Longair held a luncheon in the Victoria Art Galleries.

Dundee's First Public Bowling Green

Dundee's first public bowling green was opened this afternoon, when play started on the green at Scott Street Park.

There was a large attendance of the public and Councillor Scrymgeour, convenor of the Parks Committee, called on the Lord Provost Longair to perform the opening ceremony. Large numbers took part in the opening matches and the enthusiasm displayed by the public augurs well for the success if the effort by the Town Council to provide recreation for the people.

Councillor Scrymgeour was indefatigable in his efforts to make all enjoy themselves and deserved the compliments paid him by the Lord Provost for the great interest he has taken in the matter.

Dundee's New Libraries

Lord Provost Longair has in characteristically appropriate fashion conveyed the thanks of Dundonians to Mr Carnegie and to the local benefactors who have contributed so handsomely to the initial cost of the branch libraries. There institutions will no doubt be fully appreciated by the reading public. They are valuable additions to the assets of the city. The citizens, however, must bear in mind that the buildings entail fresh obligations upon them. Despite the praiseworthy generosity of those who have contributed sites and money, the libraries are by no means free of cost to the community. The Free Library assessment has been doubled since Mr Carnegie's gift was accepted. No doubt the bargain is a good one for the inhabitants, but it is well to remember that the ratepayers have now to fulfil their part of the undertaking to which they have been committed. Their gratitude will not be less, nor will their use of the privileges now extended to them be restricted if they realise that they have a direct share in the properties which have not ineptly been described as the working man's universities.


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